MBM Alex Johnson 3

Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson is part of the team that ensures Waikato’s dairy industry keeps the region going, day in and day out.

Associate HR Business Partner at Fonterra - Hamilton, New Zealand


MBM Alex Johnson 3

He’s an associate HR business partner at Fonterra, working for their Employment Services division.

“We are responsible for contract processing and answering queries from Fonterra employees across the entire business. I really enjoy the interaction I have with all the different employees, and it helps me understand Fonterra as a whole since it’s a co-operative rather than a traditional company.”

Working in an industry that’s integral to New Zealand’s global image is fitting for Alex, who completed a Graduate Diploma in Marketing and a Bachelor of Tourism prior to his master’s degree.

While studying, he also served as president of the Study Abroad Network on campus, a student club dedicated to enhancing the experience of international and study abroad students during their time in New Zealand by facilitating social activities and organising trips to showcase New Zealand’s natural wonders.

“Many of the skills I learned as president were transferable, especially working in performance-driven teams and the ability to have courageous conversations.”

Alex jumped into the business world when he found out about the MBM, a 12-month degree designed to give participants from all backgrounds an in-depth understanding of business practices.

“I was drawn to the MBM because it was a one-year master’s degree that covered the full breadth of business and management subjects. The programme offered practical experiences and insights into real world business realities too, which really appealed to me.”

“What I gained from my degree was the skill to look beyond the obvious and not leave any stones unturned. When approaching a problem, it’s important to be open-minded and look at all possible avenues in order to solve the problem. Also, I learnt that you shouldn’t be afraid to voice your opinion because at the end of the day we never lose, either we win or we learn.”

This approach has enabled Alex to take risks, work hard, and dream big.

“I am really happy at Fonterra and I would like to go as far as I can here. I know that I have to keep taking opportunities and be diligent in everything that I do, then doors will open for me. My current objective is to become an operations lead, followed by a general manager, and so on. With so much room to grow, anything is possible.”

MBM Alex Johnson 3

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