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Alice Wheatley-Wilson

Master of Science (Research)

University of Waikato Academic Merit School Leaver Scholarship; Research & Enterprise Study Award; McCraw Prize in Communicating Earth Sciences Research

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For Kaipaki local Alice Wheatley-Wilson, the opportunity to make a difference to climate change and work alongside world-class academics played a big part in choosing to study at the University of Waikato

“A highlight of this degree has been learning to understanding the environmental issues we face globally and here in New Zealand, and how to think critically about solutions," she said.

Alice said that the beauty of environmental science is that it is an interdisciplinary subject, so the subjects she valued the most were those that incorporated a wide range of topics including science, environmental planning, and Mātauranga Māori.

“Climate change is a puzzling global issue, with many moving parts and it is important that open minded, critical-thinkers lead the way in climate change research. I believe that after studying environmental science, I am capable of finding innovative solutions and making a difference to climate change,” she said.

Alice attributes the convenient location and the reputation of the Schools of Science and Engineering as other key factors in her decision to study at Waikato.  “The campus itself is easy to navigate and is a really vibrant place,” she said.

Her advice to others considering studying at Waikato is to really throw yourself into your learning and engage with your peers and lecturers.

“I have made lifelong connections at the University of Waikato, be it making friends in class or collaborating with lecturers on projects. The lecturers in the School of Science have an infectious enthusiasm for their subject and they want you to learn, so take advantage of that. Get involved during field trips, I found these were the best places to engage and collaborate with others and learn valuable communication skills.

Alice said she would have chosen to study the new Bachelor of Climate Change if it had been available when she was starting.   “If you want a career that will make a difference to climate change and our environment, choose a Bachelor of Climate Change or Science with a major in Environmental Science. You will learn valuable skills in the classroom and in a field setting, learn to communicate and collaborate with others, and think critically about the impacts of climate change and the multidisciplinary responses to these impacts. Choose topics that resonate most with you and subjects that you feel will make a difference to climate change research in future.”

alice wheatleywilson 250x250

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