Nikita Bothra Bothra

Nitika Bothra Bothra

Master of Business and Management

Senior Data Asset Analyst at Watercare Services Ltd

Nikita Bothra Bothra

Becoming a data analyst was Nitika Bothra’s number one career goal when she left India to study for the one-year Master of Business and Management at Waikato University.

Nitika now works as a senior asset data analyst for Watercare Services Ltd, a subsidiary of Auckland Council. This role requires her to ensure all of the company’s asset information records are maintained and updated.

Next, she has her eyes set on becoming a senior project manager, and would like to do an MBA in the future.

After completing her masters in economics at the University of Kalyani in India, Nitika realised she wanted to pursue the more practical side of management.

The Master of Business and Management (MBM) at Waikato ticked all the right boxes, with the perfect balance of classroom learning and internships.

Our Triple Crown Accreditation made the Waikato MBM a clear choice for Nitika.

She enjoyed being able to experience different areas of management, and says the MBM definitely helped her to progress her career further.

During the MBM, Nitika completed an internship with the State Bank of India Auckland office, and presented a business idea to a panel of Waikato entrepreneurs, where she was awarded the prize for 'Most Innovative Venture'.

Nikita Bothra Bothra