Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical Sciences investigates the biological basis of human health and disease to improve healthcare outcomes.
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Why study Biomedical Sciences?

Biomedical Sciences involves the study of the body's function; understanding the science behind medicine and exploring how our bodies work and what causes diseases, with the goal of improving healthcare outcomes.  

The Biomedical Sciences major in the Bachelor of Health is underpinned by the following six core concepts that are the BHealth’s point of difference:

  • Māori and indigenous perspectives and practices;
  • Holistic understandings of hauora, health and wellbeing;
  • Community collaboration and engagement;
  • Analytical and communication skills;
  • Clear links to regional/rural health, social justice and equity, and critical perspectives;
  • Competencies desired in the practices of health professionals, as identified through consultation with key stakeholders and industry.

The Biomedical Sciences major in the Bachelor of Science will gear you up for a career in research - at the cutting edge of medical breakthroughs and discoveries.

By understanding diseases, treatments and human biology, graduates will play a role in things such as drug discovery, drug trials and designing new drugs.  Graduates will also be at the cutting edge of finding solutions and the development of medical machinery such as bio printable devices that lead the way for medical advancement.  Graduates are well placed to continue on to a graduate medical degree.

Career Opportunities

  • Clinical laboratory scientist
  • Health and safety inspector
  • Laboratory technician/scientist in research institutes
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical/Biotech industries and universities
  • Medical science writer
  • Research technician
  • Study/research coordinator

Scholarships and prizes

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