The study of Ethics provides an excellent grounding in evaluative theory and reasoning for a professional future in the public service, the health sector, social work, with environmental agencies, and in business.
Good excuses for killing people and other things philosophy can do for you

Why study Ethics?

Studying Ethics, offered as a minor, will give you the tools and capabilities you need to become an inspirational leader in the community and in your working life, and will enable you to feel confident in your capability to reflect on doing “the right thing” and following through on that reflection.

Ethics at Waikato is an interdisciplinary programme with a philosophical core. It includes the study of fundamental moral concepts and the nature of morality as well as applications of evaluative thinking to diverse subject areas such as politics, law, management, Māori and Pacific Studies, religion, art, the media, and the environment. With a theoretical core but an applied emphasis it provides a pathway into any government and private sector employment where sensitivity to ethical issues is a significant requirement.

A great strength of the Ethics programme is that it offers an edge in employability when combined with other professional degrees. Examples include law, counselling, management, teaching, accountancy and computer science.

Note: Ethics may be taken as a minor, but there will be no new enrolments in the Ethics major, Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma from 2017. Students who enrolled in any of these programmes in 2016 or prior should consult the School of Social Sciences for advice (

Career Opportunities

  • Business consultant
  • Health Policy Adviser
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Policy Analyst
  • Public Relations Practitioner
  • Teacher

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Ethics can only be studied as a minor subject. This can be taken in many of our undergraduate degrees at the University of Waikato, alongside your selected Major.

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