Human Rights

If you're passionate about justice and equality, this major is for you. Gain a deep understanding of human rights issues, discrimination, inclusion, and justice, all while preparing for a career dedicated to making a difference.
human rights

Why study Human Rights?

Human rights are an increasingly prominent aspect of contemporary issues here and around the world. Current examples include systemic racism, equitable access to healthcare, the voting age, #MeToo, modern slavery, asylum seeking, climate justice, reproductive rights and inclusive education. These concerns are anchored in the present and their resolution focuses on the future.

This major crosses the boundaries of traditional university subjects to prepare you for employment in government agencies and private companies in sectors like health, law, housing, immigration, education and social welfare. Work for NGOs like the Red Cross, Doctors without Borders and Amnesty International.

A major in Human Rights pairs well with many other majors the University offers, especially in the fields of Law, Management and Social Sciences, to provide you with further employment pathways.

Career Opportunities

  • Corporate social responsibilty officer
  • Immigration consultant
  • Human rights lawyer
  • Human resources officer
  • Policy Analyst
  • Disability & inclusion advocate

Scholarships and prizes

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