Industrial Design

Industrial designers shape the world we live in by designing the products we use every day, from items as simple as a toothbrush, through to those as intricate as an aeroplane.
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Why study Industrial Design?

The role of the industrial designer is in the designing of products that are durable, effective in purpose, and beautiful in appearance.

The Industrial Design major will equip graduates with the knowledge and experience required to design and develop industrially-produced objects. Graduates will be prepared to develop a design career in manufacturing industries.

The goal of the major in Industrial Design is to provide Bachelor of Design students with graduate attributes that are recognised as appropriate by professional designers working within the broad subject areas of Industrial Design, and that are well suited to related employment opportunities within their chosen discipline subjects. It is also intended that students will be well prepared for graduate study if they choose to continue study towards a higher qualification.

Therefore, in addition to the attributes expected of all Bachelor of Design graduates (any major), a student who completes a Bachelor of Design with a major in Industrial Design is expected to be able to demonstrate: 

  1. The ability to determine the function and purpose, the formal qualities, and the aesthetic dimensions of industrially produced objects
  2. The ability to apply industrial design knowledge and skills at a range of scales in an authentic place of practice (e.g., workplace)
  3. Deliver professional presentations to relevant stakeholders
  4. The ability to be self-reflective of their professional practice, and articulate their skills and skill-limitations

Career Opportunities

  • Design Researcher
  • Strategic Designer
  • Experience Designer
  • Industrial Designer

Study Industrial Design in these qualifications

Practical experience

In addition to the practical experience gained throughout the Bachelor of Design degree, you have the opportunity to undertake a real-world design project in the 300 level paper DSIGN350. In this project, you work relatively independently and collaborate with your peers and with members of the professional design industry.

The final semester 300 level paper DSIGN360 involves a self-directed brief which culminates each year in a Design Showcase. The Design Showcase projects cover a wide range of media including web design and production, mobile design, interactive design, brand development, visual identity work, interactive installation, motion graphics, 3D animation and more.


Computing facilities at Waikato

The University of Waikato offers students 24-hour computer lab access with all the latest computer software, and several labs fully equipped with Mac computers, commonly used in professional design environments. Graduate students have a dedicated lab space and access to all undergraduate facilities.

Scholarships and Prizes

Computer Science Undergraduate Scholarship

For students who are currently in Year 12 or Year 13 at a New Zealand secondary school. Candidates must be intending to enrol full-time in either the BCompSc, BSc majoring in Computer Science, or BE(Hons) majoring in Software Engineering.

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