International Languages and Cultures

International Languages and Cultures prepares you with the language skills and cultural understanding that employers are looking for in an increasingly globalised world. We offer five area Specialisations – Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.
Become a global citizen with International Languages and Cultures

Why study International Languages and Cultures?

By taking papers in our international Languages and Cultures (INTLC) programme, you will be equipping yourself with the language skills and cultural knowledge needed for success in a multicultural work environment. You will significantly increase your career marketability, opening doors to exciting domestic and overseas job opportunities, and even enhancing adventurous overseas travel.

We offer a range of language and culture papers in key global language areas - Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. You can choose a language area Specialisation within the INTLC major or complete your language and culture studies as a minor. Both options can be combined with other subjects, such as business, management, law or science, to further enhance your preparation for the workforce. They work particularly well when taken as part of Waikato’s Global Studies undergraduate degree, which is designed to foster in students the necessary skills to work within an increasingly globalised environment.

Are you interested in in-country study? Your employment (and travel) goals can be enhanced by the opportunities the University provides, through its international exchange programmes, to travel abroad to study your preferred language within an immersive learning environment.

Career Opportunities

  • Business Leader
  • Diplomat
  • Hospitality Operator
  • International Lawyer
  • Tour Guide
  • Translator
  • Travel Agent


Scholarships and prizes

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Subject Requirements

For more information about subject requirements please refer to the Catalogue of Papers for the most up to date information. If you have any questions and need more advice contact one of our friendly student advisors phone: 0800 800 145 or +64 7 838 4080 or email:

Note: Students with prior knowledge of the language they wish to specialise in must consult the Programme Convenor before enrolling in language acquisition papers.

Please note: For all graduate subject requirements check the information provided in the papers section above.

International Languages and Cultures papers