Kaupapa Māori Psychology

Kaupapa Māori Psychology provides students with a firm grounding in Kaupapa Māori and Indigenous Psychologies.
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Why study Kaupapa Māori Psychology?

Kaupapa Māori Psychology, offered as a minor, uses Māori worldviews alongside psychological theories, methods and models in real world contexts where Māori livelihoods are impacted.

Students will have the opportunity to develop specialised knowledge relating to national, regional and international indigenous psychology issues in the contemporary world and of the complex and inter-related nature of those issues as they pertain to Māori, culture and land, to the Treaty itself, and to indigenous peoples.


Career Opportunities

  • Psychologist
  • Māori Development Policy Adviser

Hamilton, Tauranga, Online

Study in Tauranga

Online and in-person study options are available in Tauranga

Subject requirements

Kaupapa Māori Psychology is available as a minor.

To complete a minor in Kaupapa Māori Psychology, students must complete 60 points, including PSYCH202 and PSYCH303.

The remaining 30 points must be selected from: ARTSC101, CMYHE101, HELTH101, MAOED100, MAORI150, PSYCH101, MAORI200, MAORI203, MAORI204, CMYHE301, MAORI303, SCIEN305 or SOCPY301

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