Discover what it takes to lead and inspire people to work towards achieving shared goals.
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Why study Leadership?

Leadership is a brand-new undergraduate major subject being offered by the University of Waikato for the first time in 2024.

Our goal is to build the next generation of business and community leaders who are skilful at all levels of management - both strategic and operational.

Effective leadership skills are highly sought after by today's employers, as organisations seek to overcome complex challenges in our ever-changing world. Graduates of this subject will be ready to lead and implement transformative changes across organisations for better financial, social and environmental outcomes.

You're in good hands at Waikato Management School, which is globally recognised for our expertise in leadership development.

This subject will provide life-long benefits for your career, whether you work in the private, public, iwi, or not-for-profit sectors.

Career Opportunities

  • Management consultant
  • Team Leader
  • Change management leader
  • Human resources manager
  • Communications and engagement manager
  • Diversity and inclusion consultant
  • Negotiator/mediation specialist
  • Leadership & organisational development trainer

Qualifications offered

Leadership can be taken as a either a 1st Major with the Bachelor of Business, or as a 2nd Major or Minor subject with almost any other bachelor's degree at the University of Waikato.

Alternatively you can take it as a specialist subject for a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma.

Course content

Good leaders don't try to assert their power or make executive decisions on the fly. Instead they draw on their superb relational and task management skills to listen, engage, inspire, coach and persuade others.

This involves bringing together diverse groups of people with a variety of perspectives, and building a team culture with a shared sense of purpose.

Our students will be exposed to the many different theories and practices of leadership, including Māori and indigenous approaches. You will also gain better insights into your own personal leadership style, including your strengths and areas for improvement.

Students will graduate with excellent skills in spoken and written professional communication. They will know how to lead and manage effective teams, make responsible decisions, solve problems, resolve conflicts, and lead themselves and others.


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