Media Production

Get the hands-on technical skills you need to work in professional media production studios. Whether your passion is for film and television, podcasting, game design or web media, this subject has it all.
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Why study Media Production?

This highly practical subject is for students who wish to develop the hands-on technical skills required to work in professional media production studios, such as film, documentary and television, web series, podcasting, game design, sound design, soundscape, music, web media, and more.

Papers cover all stages of the media production process; from pre- to post-production.

Students will be equipped with the know-how to design and implement image-text-motion, sound/music and audio-visual methods of communication.

For example, you can learn how to use Adobe software (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop) to design and produce page layouts, illustrations, and edit images for print and web applications.

Or you might prefer to study film production and gain the practical skills to shoot and edit short films, using a camera, sound gear, lighting techniques and digital editing (After Effects).

Students can also learn about the principles of good design, or develop the skills to create original music using digital audio technology.

More advanced papers focus on areas such as interactive media design, podcasting, film production, design thinking, visual communication, and creative music technology.

Career Opportunities

  • Director
  • Digital Media Producer
  • Documentary maker
  • Film or television producer
  • Game designer
  • Podcaster
  • Sound designer
  • Web series producer

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Media Production papers