Physics aims to understand the entire physical world, from the sub-atomic to the cosmological.

Why study Physics?

In the School of Science, Physics is taught at a postgraduate level. By studying with us you will develop a thorough understanding of theoretical physics and gain advanced knowledge in areas such as quantum theory and biophysics.

Many famous scientists, such as Einstein and Newton were physicists. Physicists are versed in mathematics, computer programming, experimental science and the design of complex instruments. They are among the most versatile scientists, able to easily cross boundaries into other disciplines such as chemistry, biology, medicine, Earth and planetary sciences. There are biophysicists, geophysicists, astrophysicists and neurophysicists.

At the University of Waikato our academic staff are leading the way in biophysics. both experimental and theoretical, including measuring and modelling  the electrical activity in the brain for applications such as anaesthesia and transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Career Opportunities

  • Applications Engineer
  • Avionics Engineer
  • Electronics engineer
  • Medical Physicist
  • Meteorologist
  • Satellite Information Processor

Physics papers

Scholarships and Prizes

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