Science for Innovation

Novel biomedical solutions, bioproducts, engineered catalysts and proteins, and functional materials – scientific research delivering extraordinary innovations.

Te Aka Mātuatua School of Science

Scientific research has the potential to deliver extraordinary innovations that change our lives and contribute to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.  We are developing novel biomedical solutions, bioproducts, engineered catalysts and proteins, and functional materials.

Below you will find some of our recent research to develop novel solutions to the challenges that face Aotearoa and the world. You'll also find the profiles of talented and creative staff who contribute to the Science for Innovation research theme. Please don't hesitate to get in contact with any of our research staff if you'd like more information or if you think that there might be an opportunity for a new research partnership.

Recent research highlights

Discovering how bacteria replicate, repair and diversify their genomes in challenging environments.

Can typically inert carbon-fluorine bonds be broken easily using organometallic chemistry?

Could so-called concrete willow aphid honey be used as a prebiotic superfood?

Does mitochondrial stress protein HSP60 lead to diabetes-induced neuronal inflammation?

How do electrical signals form at muscles as a result of transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain?

How does temperature affect the rates of individual metabolic enzymes and how are these elated to the growth of the parent organism?

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Staff contributing to this research theme

Associate Professor Adam Hartland

Associate Professor

Dr Adele Williamson

Senior Lecturer

Dr Adrian Pittari

Academic Team Co-Leader of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Dr Andrew La Croix

Senior Lecturer

Dr Anica Klockars

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Associate Professor Charles Lee

Co-Director of Environmental Research Institute

Professor Christopher Battershill

Director of Science - Tauranga

Dr Christopher Glasson

Senior Research Fellow

Professor Joseph Lane

Dean of Te Huataki Waiora School of Health

Dr Joanna Hicks

Senior Lecturer

Dr Linda Peters

Senior Lecturer

Dr Marcus Wilson

Deputy Team Leader of Chemistry and Applied Physics

Dr Megan Grainger

Senior Lecturer

Merilyn Manley-Harris

Emeritus Professor

Associate Professor Michael Mucalo

Associate Dean of Postgraduate Studies

Associate Professor Michele Prinsep

Academic Team Leader of Chemistry and Applied Physics

Associate Professor Mike Clearwater

Academic Team Leader of Ecology, Biology and Animal

Dr Rebecca Lawton

Senior Lecturer

Dr Terry Isson

Senior Lecturer