Enterprise Systems, Data Analytics, and Integration

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Subject(s)Business, Management, Computer Science, Nursing, Health Science.

DegreeDoctor of Philosophy (PhD)

SupervisorAprof William Wang

About this opportunity

Dr William Wang is an Academic in Digital Business, Analytics, Supply Chain Information Systems, and Health Systems. He is also the Co-Chair of New Zealand Information Systems Professorial Committee

With the experience of being an IT engineer and corporate consultant, Dr. William Wang has supervised research projects and provided industrial consultancy in Australasia and Asian regions regarding global supply chain planning, business process re-engineering, and health information analytics. He has a number of Ph.D. graduates working in universities, research institutes, and the industry. He also has experience in practical projects in Enterprise Systems such as the planning of implementing SAP and MS Dynamics, using Windows Data sever to host Data Analytics research projects with tensor flow & Python. These projects have specifically highlighted the interdisciplinary issues that are related to B2B integration, enterprise systems adoption & maintenance, systems architecture for large firms and SMEs, and data analytics in medical institutions. Those are both quantitative and qualitative. He serves on the editorial board/advisory board of several international journals. His papers appear in Information Systems Journal, Industrial Systems and Data Management, International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Production Research, Supply Chain Management – an International Journal, International Journal of Production Planning and Control, and proceedings of international conferences.

Current and finished projects include topics, but not limited to below:

  • Logistics Information Systems
  • Online Health Consultation and Medication Demand Forecasting
  • Prediction in Health Informatics through a Knowledge-Based System
  • Data Systems, Machine Learning in Hospital Information Systems
  • Supply Chain Processes Integration
  • Global Information Systems
  • Architecture Design and simulation
  • Design Science Research, Case Studies, and survey approaches

Unfunded vacancy

If you are selected for this vacancy and you are successful in being admitted to the Doctoral programme at the University of Waikato, you will need to cover all costs yourself or via a scholarship that is independent of this vacancy.



The general Higher Degrees admission criteria apply.

This vacancy has additional eligibility criteria:

  • Master degree with research components (a thesis)
  • A- Average in Master degree (B+ may be considered if other merits are found)

The application process


Contact any time via email, with Master transcript, a proposal outline the topic, research motivation, key literature (with 10 to 15 key references from good source), a convincing research approach and data collection method.

How to apply

If you are interested in this vacancy, please email the supervisor. Please include evidence that you meet the eligibility criteria for this vacancy.


The supervisor will let you know whether they have shortlisted you for this vacancy and will advise you of next steps.



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