Sexuality ‘Down-Under’: Associate Professor at Waikato to address conference in Brussels

Waikato Gender Research Network

Associate Professor Lynda Johnston was a keynote speaker at the European Geographies of Sexualities Conference, held 8-10 September 2011 at Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel in Belgium.

The conference organisers say that the sub-disciplines of sexual and queer geography largely emerged out of the study of predominantly white gay male (and later, lesbian) spaces in the major urban centres of North America and north-western Europe. They want to challenge and rectify this by providing an overview of the range of studies that have theorised the spatiality of sexualities, gender, sexual identities and sexual practices in (and beyond) European contexts.

Associate Professor Johnston addressed the conference speaking about her work in New Zealand on ‘wedding tourism’, Hamilton Pride, Gay Ski Week in Queenstown and the Topp Twins.