How will I find out about the decision and what sort of outcomes can I expect?

If the decision is that misconduct has not been committed, then no further action will be taken and you and the complainant will be advised of this in writing.

If the decision is that misconduct has been committed, the authority making the decision will decide on the outcomes or penalties as outlined in sections 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 19, 20, 22(6), 23(7), or 24(6) of the Student Discipline Regulations. The decision will be advised to you in writing. You and the complainant will receive a copy of the decision letter by email. If other parties will be involved in the application of any penalties, such as in monitoring your future work or implementing the alteration of your grades, then they will also be advised of the decision.

Penalties and Outcomes

If the misconduct involves an assessment item, penalties applied may affect the marks given. The assessment item may receive a reduction in marks, no marks at all, or, for serious cases, the paper may receive a No Credit grade which goes on your academic record.

Other outcomes may include a fine, the requirement for an apology, the monitoring of future assessment items by staff, or referral to student support services.

If the situation is more serious, there is the option to exclude a student from the University grounds, or to suspend a student from studies. These can either be for a period of time or permanently.

As well as any penalties that the University might apply, a finding of misconduct can have other serious consequences. For example:

  • if you are in receipt of a scholarship, you may risk losing it (and having to repay it)
  • if you are an international student on a student visa and are suspended or excluded from the University, you may lose your eligibility to remain in New Zealand
  • if, in the future, you seek professional accreditation that involves the assessment of ‘good character’, such as in law or social work, you may be required to disclose whether you have been the subject of a complaint of misconduct, regardless of the outcome.