Computer Work

You must take all reasonable precautions to ensure your password is private and secure.  If a password becomes insecure it must be changed as soon as practicable. You must not do anything that damages, restricts, jeopardises, impairs or undermines the performance, usability, reliability, confidentiality or accessibility of any digital information system, program, or other stored information or data. In addition you must not access, read, alter, delete or in any other way interfere with, any information, data or files (including electronic mail) held by another person, or attempt to do any of these things, regardless of whether the operating system of the computer permits these acts.

Remember to always log-off any computer you use. If the previous user is still logged on, you must not open their account, but log-off immediately.

You must not download objectionable material onto the University's computer system and you must comply with all applicable New Zealand law, including law on copyright, privacy, defamation and human rights.

Our Computer Systems Regulations are published in the Calendar.

Respect for Other Students

The University expects all students and staff to behave with consideration and respect towards each other.  This includes both inside and outside the classroom.  It is not permitted for students to harass or discriminate against other students.

The Code of Student Conduct has more information about what is expected.

Respect for University Property

You are not permitted to misuse or damage University property.

Assisting another to commit misconduct

You must not encourage or assist or procure another student to commit misconduct. This includes giving other students copies of assessment items (plagiarism) or allowing another student to look at test or examination answers (cheating). It also includes encouraging other students to damage property, misuse of the computer system and so on.