1. At the top right of your Moodle page, toggle Edit mode on.
  2. At the bottom of the relevant section/week/topic on your Moodle page, select Add an activity or resource.
  3. Select Workshop.
  4. Enter a Workshop name, and optionally a Description for students, in the text boxes. Tick the Display description on course page box if you would like the Description visible for students on the main Moodle page.
  5. In the Grading settings section, choose your marking parameters. Click the question marks next to the options boxes to learn more.
  6. Select Submission settings, then enter clear instructions for students in the Instructions for submission text box, then tick which Submission types to allow or require.
  7. You can also specify the Maximum number of submission attachments and select Choose to specify the Submission attachment allowed file types.
  8. Tick the Late submissions box to allow students to submit after the deadline.

    Note: Any late submissions cannot be edited by the student - they just have one chance to submit. If late submissions are allowed, you'll need to regularly allocate submissions by clicking the link. You can allocate submissions manually or randomly.

  9. Select Assessment settings, then in the Instructions for assessment text box enter instructions for students about how they are going to assess other students' assignments.
  10. Tick the Use self-assessment box under the instructions text box if you would like to allow this.
  11. Scroll down and click Save and return to paper.