Book titles

Capitalization is important when writing out the titles of works such as books and journal articles, when mentioning them in the body of your essay. A useful general rule is to capitalize all first letters except short insignificant words such as a/the, short prepositions such as to, at, by, of and conjunctions such as and, but, or.

Note: After a colon in a title, the next word always starts with a capital letter, and hyphenated words are treated as one word.

Note: If you are writing titles in your APA reference list, you need to follow the rules of APA (or the referencing style you are using). You can see these for APA using the University of Waikato APA quick guide

Digital Storytelling in Practice

The New Digital Storytelling: Creating Narratives with New Media.

Crosscurrents of Pedagogy and Technology: A Forum on Digital Storytelling and Cultural Critique.

Remember: These instructions follow general guidelines for capitalising titles in your writing, but they do not match the specific requirements of your APA reference list. Make sure that you get to know your subject's relevant style requirements for capitalizing titles in your reference list.

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