Complex list-like sentences

For separating complex items in a list-like sentence:
Sometimes a semi-colon may be used for indicating related concepts in a sentence identifying relevant additional information.
Look at the following example:

The following may be symptoms of pavor nocturnus: confusion when first awakening, especially for young children; disorientation, increasingly accompanied by a sense of panic; outbursts of anger often directed at their parents or partners (if they are adults) lasting until they become cognisant of their surroundings.

Notice in the sentence above, the list starts with a colon, the items in the list are separated by semi-colons, and there are also commas.

In the video associated with this lesson, Shaun identifies a set of conjunctive adverbs that have a relationship to semi-colons. Here is a longer list: accordingly, | furthermore | undoubtedly | moreover | still | besides | otherwise | thus | consequently | likewise | meanwhile | now .... but there are more than this.

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