1. Select your user profile icon located in the top-right corner.
  2. Select Preferences from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Forum preferences, located under the User account heading.
  4. Change the preferences as desired.Note: Select the question mark (?) icon for more information on email digest types and forum tracking behaviours. There is also a brief explanation of these options below.
  5. When finished, select Save changes.


Email digest type

This determines whether you get immediate email notifications when others post to a forum you are subscribed to or whether you get one email per day with all notifications (a daily digest). The options are:

  • No digest - means that you will receive a new email every time someone posts a new message on a forum.
  • Complete - means that you receive a daily email listing all new posts made that day and include the posts themselves.
  • Subjects - means you receive a daily post listing only the subject in which new posts were made, the posts are not included.


Forum auto-subscribe

This determines your default subscription setting. This is displayed on the forum page when you are posting or replying to a forum message. Some Moodle forums (such as the News forum of each paper) force you to be subscribed and some forums prevent forum subscription.


Forum tracking

This determines whether you are shown "new posts" flags beside forums and dialogue activities.

If you subscribe to a forum any unread posts will be marked as read when the forum subscription email is sent. The options are:

  • Yes - this option will show messages indicating that a forum has a new post or indicating a new post that you have not yet seen.
  • No - this option means that all forums and posts appear the same and show no indication if they are new.