Descriptive statistics

This section introduces key terms and definitions, along with types of data, measures of the middle of the data, and the spread. It also covers frequency distributions and histograms, taking samples and finding percentiles.

The videos are from Professor Leonard on Youtube. Professor Leonard's videos are detailed, which makes them longer to watch. Settle down with a cup of tea.

Key words and definitions [length: 17m:23s]
This video introduces key words and definitions associated with descriptive statistics.

Exploring Categories of Data, Levels of Measurement [length: 31m:35s]
This video introduces qualitative and quantitative data, discrete and continuous data.

Sampling Techniques: How to Develop a Random Sample [length: 31m:44s]
This video introduces sampling techniques, and random sampling.

Creating Frequency Distribution and Histograms [length: 1h:07m:23s]
This video discusses data display and organising data.

Finding the Center of a Data Set. Mean, Median, Mode [length: 1h:11m:27s]
This video introduces how to describe data, and introduces the concept of the middle of the data and the spread of the data.

Finding the Standard Deviation of a Data Set [length: 1h:56m:09s]
This video introduces the standard deviation of a data set. A measure of the spread of the data about the mean.

Finding the Z-Score, Percentiles and Quartiles, and Comparing Standard Deviation [length: 1h:31m:05s]
This video introduces the Z score - a method for standardizing the spread of data set, so that different samples/populations can be compared. Percentiles and quartiles are also discussed.

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