Representing sample spaces, combinations and permutations.

The videos are from Professor Leonard on Youtube. Professor Leonard's videos are detailed, which makes them longer to watch. Settle down with a cup of tea.

Introduction to probability [length: 1h:42m:10s]
This video introduces terms and definitions, experimental probability and theoretical probability, and complementary events.

The Addition Rule for Probability [length: 1h:09m:29s]
This video introduces “A or B” probabilities along with the addition rule.

The Multiplication Rule for "And" Probabilities [length: 1h:06m:10s]
This video introduces “A and B” probabilities, and independent events. Conditional probability is also covered. Several worked examples help to consolidate the topics covered.

Probability of Complementary Events with "At Least One" [length: 32m:42s]
This video introduces the concept “of at least one” and the process for dealing with this - via several worked examples.

Fundamental Counting Rule, Permutations and Combinations [length: 1h:37m:05s]
This video introduces the concept of the number of ways an event can happen, and permutations and combinations.

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