HAM, TGA, and other face-to-face papers
Evaluations for face-to-face papers can be conducted during class. Because the trimester evaluations are open for 6 weeks, students who who do not attend are still able to provide feedback. It is the Class Reps' responsibility to run the evaluation so please contact your Class Rep about arranging a date for the evaluation to be completed. The trimester plan: face-to-face classes below is a suggested plan which outlines the best way to use evaluation resources. More information can be found under Communication.

For information about how to run the evaluation, see the Information for teaching staff video.

See the Student Learning website for Class Rep Resources.

Other resources to assist you with running evaluations include:

Choosing a date

Choosing an appropriate date to conduct the evaluation in class is important. It’s best to choose a lecture or tutorial that students are likely to attend. Many lecturers find that the day they present a review lecture or include material about the final exam is good day to select. It is best to avoid days where students will be completing a large piece of assessment, however, as they will likely be more focused on the assessment task than on the evaluation.

If you have any questions or would like assistance to choose a day to conduct the evaluation for your paper, please contact the Evaluations Team at evaluations@waikato.ac.nz

Individual Trimester plan: face-to-face classes

  1. Choose date for evaluation to be run in class. Evaluations for all major trimesters are open to students for a period of 6 weeks.
  2. Communicate with the Class Rep(s) on your paper:
    • Let the Class Rep know when you plan to run the evaluation for the paper;
    • Many Class Reps have attended training and are prepared to run evaluations in class;
    • Copy link (to Class Rep resources) into email to remind them of the resources available.
  3. Send email to the paper tutor(s) about evaluations.
  4. If you have a social media page, share image 1:
  5. Send an Moodle or email message to your students to inform them that the evaluation will be conducted in class:
    • Let students know they will be have time in class to provide feedback;
    • Templates of messages that you could send to students.
  6. Share one of the videos with students on Moodle:
    • Reflecting on your Learning;
    • Providing Useful Feedback.
  7. Download slides and include them in your lecture Powerpoint:
  8. Share video entitled Accessing Evaluations:
    • This video can be shared on Moodle or via email;
    • This video could also be shown in class.
  9. Run evaluation in class:
    • The Evaluations Team, yourself, a tutor or the Class Rep can do this;
    • Additional support can be accessed by contacting the Evaluation Team.
  10. Thank the class for providing feedback:
    • Thank the students for providing feedback and inform those who weren’t in class that they still have a chance to do so;
    • Templates of messages that you could send to students.
  11. If you have a social media page, share image number 5.
  12. Closing the loop - after you receive the report:
  • Email students and thank them for providing feedback;
  • Consider what changes can be made to the paper as a result of student feedback;
  • Contact the Evaluation Team for assistance to interpret the report or to use the information to improve the paper.

13. Provide feedback about how this semester has gone through a survey run by the Evaluations Team:

  • You will receive an email when this is open;
  • Any feedback about evaluations systems and processes is greatly appreciated;
  • We would especially appreciate feedback about the discussions, assistance and resources that have been available this semester.

If you have any questions, or would like assistance with running the evaluation, please email evaluations@waikato.ac.nz