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Planning your trimester study at Waikato

  1. Study periods

    The University of Waikato is split into three(3) periods of study, with A and B trimesters making up the main year.

    A Trimester: late February - late JuneAlso known as Spring

    Approximate dates:
    Move in: Mid February 
    Orientation: Mid to late February
    Classes begin: Late February
    Trimester break: Mid April (2 weeks)
    Classes end: Late May
    Final exams: Mid June (2 weeks)

    B Trimester: early July - early NovemberAlso known as Fall

    Approximate dates:
    Move in: Late June
    Orientation: Early July
    Classes begin: Early-Mid July
    Trimester break: Late August (2 weeks)
    Classes end: Early October
    Final exams: Late October (2 weeks)

    C Trimester: late November - mid February (normally wouldn't start in C trimester, but it is an option if you studied in B trimester)

  2. Applying

    Transcript(s) from current and previous tertiary study.  This must be a scanned copy signed & stamped by home university or official electronic copy.  If your transcript is not in English, include the transcript in original language and an official English translation.Evidence of English language proficiency (if applicable)Copy of your passport

    You don’t need to submit your high school/secondary transcript.

    English Language Requirements for Admission
  3. Waikato points and courses/papers

    At Waikato we call courses, papers.

    A full-time load of papers for A and B trimesters is 4 papers each trimester (60 points), however you can take 3 papers (45 points) and it is still counted as a full-time load.

    A or B trimester: 45-60 Waikato points (12-16 US credits / 22.5-30 ECTS)

    Full year / A and B trimester: 90-120 Waikato points (24-32 US credits / 45-60 ECTS)

    C trimester: 45 Waikato points (if you choose to study in C trimester, and another trimester, there is flexiblity to enrol in 30 points worth of papers in C trimester as long as you enrol in 60 points in the other trimester (B). C trimester is slightly shorter in length and therefore the normal number of courses to take for a full-time load is 2-3 papers.

    Find 5-6 papers that you would like to enrol in before you make your application to enrol to ensure we have enough courses to meet your academic needs.Ensure that your papers are in being taught in the trimester you're planning on studying at Waikato.Most papers are open to Study Abroad and Exchange students. 

    Some papers require prerequisites, or proof of prior knowledge or specific courses, in order to be admitted entry. The paper page should list if there are any required prerequisites.Papers are generally not limited in class size, therefore you don't need to be too concerned about missing out on enrolling in a specific paper.

    Note: Changing or switching to other papers can occur without penalties, up until the end of the first week of classes.

    Browse our Papers

  4. Study Abroad or Exchange?

    Your nomination acceptance email will inform you if you are classed as either an Exchange or Study Abroad student - if you're still unsure which category you fit in, please chat with your university advisor.

    If your university is listed on our Exchange partners page please check with your adviser if you're nominated to study at Waikato as an exchange student as some of our partners are both Exchange and Study Abroad.
    If your university is not listed then please apply as a Study Abroad student.

    Exchange partners

  5. Eligibility and Deadlines


    Completed at least two trimesters/semesters of study when you start your experience at Waikato and be enrolled at a recognised tertiary institution (unless you're applying as a Gap Year Experience student)

    Achieved a minimum GPA B average (NZ scale)

    English proficiency

    Application Deadlines
    Applicable to Enrolling and Accommodation

    A trimester: 1 DecemberB trimester: 1 May

  6. Fees

    If you're an exchange student, you pay tuition to your home university. No tuition fees should be paid to the University of Waikato.

    Costs and Scholarships

    See our Costs and Scholarships page for all fees, scholarships, and living 

    Once you've completed and submitted your online application check out our Next Steps page.

    Next Steps

Tuition fees

Trimester $TBC NZD 60 Waikato points: 12-16 US credits/30 ECTS credits
Academic year (2 trimesters) $TBC NZD 120 Waikato points: 24-32 US credits/60 ECTS credits

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