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Individual Paper Credit

Individual paper credit IPC
social sciences

120 points, 1 year

Trimester A (March) and Trimester B (July)

Why study a IPC?

Students may be permitted to enrol in a paper without enrolling for a particular qualification. This may be because they have no intention of completing a full qualification, or because the paper is being taken for the purposes of qualifying for admission to a specific qualification.

Alternatively, the student may be taking the paper for credit towards a qualification at another institution. Enrolments of this nature are recorded as Individual Paper Credit (IPC) enrolments.

Regulations Governing Enrolment for Individual Paper Credit (IPC)

  1. A candidate who enrols on an IPC basis is liable for all fees and charges prescribed for the paper(s) and must meet any requirements specified in the prescription and paper outline.
  2. Enrolment on an IPC basis is subject to the approval of the Dean or Head of School in which the paper is offered.
  3. A candidate who has passed a paper taken on an IPC basis may, at a later date, apply to have the paper credited to a University of Waikato qualification. Approval will be based on the regulations for the qualification concerned.
  4. A student enrolled on an IPC basis is subject to all general regulations of the University of Waikato.
  5. A candidate who completes a paper on an IPC basis will receive official notification of his or her final results from the University of Waikato, and will be eligible to apply for an academic transcript.

120 points, 1 year

Trimester A (March) and Trimester B (July)

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