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Rashmi Sapkal

Master of Laws

Professional Standards Officer at New Zealand Law Society


Rashmi Sapkal web

Completing her Master of Laws at the University of Waikato, Rashmi Sapkal is now working as a Professional Standards Officer at the New Zealand Law Society in Christchurch.  

Dealing with grievances against lawyers, Rashmi processes, evaluates and oversees various aspects of complaints, and drafts decisions for the committee.  

“My master's has equipped me with the knowledge and skills that have been beneficial in my career and has given me a broader perspective on legal aspects and its relevance,” Rashmi says. 

Born in India, Rashmi moved to New Zealand in 2019 as an international student, driven by the conviction that New Zealand law experience would “open doors”. 

Opportunities have opened up because the University of Waikato is well-known for its credibility and knowledge on subjects and other practical aspects of New Zealand.


During her studies, Rashmi worked for an immigration lawyer in Hamilton, providing her with practical experience and networking opportunities.  

“Studying law at Waikato assisted me with obtaining a clear pathway to residency, as the law profession is considered a Skilled Profession in New Zealand. The legal professionals can obtain their residency in this country, making it a desirable field for those seeking opportunities in New Zealand.” 

For Rashmi, the choice to study in New Zealand was influenced by various factors, including similarities in legal systems, diverse subject offerings, and personal connections.  

“There’s some really supportive and knowledgeable professors at Waikato, always providing quick and efficient responses to my queries and guidance throughout my studies.” 

Rashmi encourages prospective international students understand how their base degree from their home country will be assessed in New Zealand and connect with people who have gone through the degree assessment process. 

“Be prepared for the differences in teaching and assessment methods compared to your home country,” she adds. “In New Zealand, there is a greater emphasis on writing thesis papers and independent research.” 

But overall, she encourages students to enjoy university life.  

“Participate in extracurricular activities and make friends. I believe that one should also enjoy life a little, we have our whole life to work.” 

Rashmi particularly enjoyed celebrating Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi and Indian Independence Day, all organised by the Indian Students’ Association.  

Rashmi Sapkal web

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