Study Law at the University of Waikato - one of New Zealand / Aotearoa’s leading law schools - and you'll be looking into why laws are made, who makes them, how they work and how to change them.

Why study Law?

Everyone needs to know the law, not just lawyers. The Rule of Law is the cornerstone of the civilised society. It defines rights and obligations and provides structure to institutions of government and commerce. As an individual, it governs all aspects of our lives, shapes our behaviour and provides the building blocks for our community. Law underpins many professions - business people, financial consultants, police officers, forensic scientists, parole officers, policy advisors and many other professions all need an understanding of the law.

By choosing to study law as an undergraduate at Waikato you have the choice of an LLB degree or majoring in Law as part of a Bachelor of Arts. Gain the skills and knowledge that meet the high demands of a wide range of careers, both inside and outside the legal profession.

We have several postgraduate options including Master of Laws, Master of Legal Studies and Magister Juris.

Students in Tauranga are able to enrol in all of our Law programmes.

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Career Opportunities

  • Solicitor - LLB
  • Barrister - LLB
  • Judge - LLB
  • Policy Analyst or Advisor
  • Mediator and/or Negotiator
  • Legal Researcher
  • Board Member for Iwi or other organisations
  • Local government advocacy

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Study towards a Bachelor of Laws

Choose to study an LLB and you will gain a practical set of skills designed to meet the demands of any legal career and the ability to go into practice as a barrister or solicitor. You will gain a thorough knowledge of the law, its implications and how it applies in today’s context, you will gain well-developed analytical and research skills, and be able to think critically with well-developed communication skills and a sense of social responsibility

Transform your BA with law as a major

Choose to study a Bachelor of Arts with a Law Major and transform the study of Humanities. This is a non-practising law-based qualification ideal for those who want to develop knowledge of the law and its implications and a sense of justice and public responsibility. Studying law within your BA develops the ability to argue from a basis of evidence, hone your research skills, and develop well-rounded critical analysis abilities - all skills that can be transferred to many careers

Internationally Recognised

We have the most diverse and vibrant student body of all law schools in New Zealand. Up to 30 per cent of all our students identify themselves as Māori and nearly 16 per cent come from Pacific backgrounds. Nearly 40 per cent of our students are over the age of 25.

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Masters Degrees

Further your law study with these Masters Degree programmes.

Exchange programme and study abroad

Are you keen to study in another country?

Studying law in a foreign jurisdiction is not only valuable on its own merit but it also enables you to re-examine the foundations of the New Zealand legal system through a comparative lens.

In your fourth year of study, you'll have the opportunity to spend one semester of study towards your degree at one of our many partner law schools in Europe, North America or Asia.

To be eligible you must have completed Year 3 Law and have a sound academic record. For more information, contact the Law Student Administrator.

University Exchange Programme

If you’re studying a conjoint law degree, you may be able to participate in an exchange from second year onward by studying some non-law papers overseas.

Cultural experience

We have the most diverse and vibrant student body of all law schools in New Zealand. Up to 30 per cent of all our students identify themselves as Māori and nearly 16 per cent come from Pacific background. Nearly 40 per cent of our students are over the age of 25.

The Faculty's three dynamic law student associations: Pacific Law Student Association, Te Whakahiapo (Māori Student Association) and Waikato University Law Student Associations play an important role of fostering great collegial relationships between students and offer plenty of social and learning opportunities.

Our Mentoring Programme will provide extra support. Our Mentors are law students in their senior years. They will provide guidance in your studies, help you to navigate through the transition period from school or previous employment to university study as well as advise you on other services and opportunities available to you on campus.

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Get in touch

Are you ready to start your career in law? Get in touch with our friendly team at the Faculty of Law to get enrolled in our law courses.

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