Studying Design at the University of Waikato makes you highly sought after, with a unique combination of design and coding skills.

Why study Design?

You will be able to meet the increasing demand for designers who can work in a variety of media, such as websites, apps, gaming and virtual reality.

Studying Design means you will apply theory and practice to research in areas related to how designers think, how they practice and what they produce. Design at Waikato is unique in New Zealand as a specialist design qualification that offers an integration of design and computer science.

You’ll become a designer who can code – making you highly desirable. Waikato also trains design students to problem-solve, and to apply an aesthetic edge, while seeing the full range of creative design possibilities.

Design is available at undergraduate level under the Certificate in Design (Cert(Des)), the Diploma in Design (Dip(Des)), and the Bachelor of Design (BDes).

Subjects include:

Graduate level study in Design (Master of Design (MDes)) is an opportunity to plan, develop and carry out a large-scale design project supported by original research. Research topics are tailored to suit you and therefore provide an opportunity for honing a particular aspect of graphic design further, which could be a pathway to your chosen career.

Career Opportunities

  • Advertising Designer
  • Computer Games Designer
  • Interactive Designer
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • TV Graphics Designer
  • Web Designer

Computing facilities at Waikato

The University of Waikato offers students 24-hour computer lab access with all the latest computer software, and several labs fully equipped with Mac computers, commonly used in professional design environments.

Scholarships and Prizes

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Design papers