RA2: Indigenous Data in Systems

Recognition of indigenous data in Māori data classification schema and Indigenous data provenance standard and the valuation of Māori data resources.


Recent work in Indigenous and Māori data sovereignty has highlighted an urgent need for data schemas, methods and tools that can be applied to Indigenous data a range of real-world domains at different scales. Our programme will develop novel approaches to data classification, provenance, and valuation to enable greater transparency and control of Indigenous data.

Research team

The team working on the RA2 section of the Tikanga in Technology project are:

  • Maui Hudson, Te Kotahi Research Institute
  • Sebastian Link, University of Auckland
  • Jane Anderson, New York University
  • John Deck, UC Berkley
  • Tim Coltman, University of Waikato
  • Jason Mika, University of Waikato
  • KatieLee Riddle, Te Kotahi Research Institute
  • Jacob Golan, New York University
  • Natalie Kusabs, University of Waikato


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Whāki Webinar Series

Whāki Webinar Series hosts monthly webinars aimed at the use of data and knowledge in Māori communities drawing on speakers from across the sector.

Whāki Webinar Series