Whāki Webinar Series

The Whāki Webinar Series allows speakers to share with communities their insights into the issues of Māori data sovereignty, Māori data governance, and Māori data science.

Nau mai, haere mai ki tēnei ātea e whāki i te whakaaro, e whai i te whakaaro, e whanake i te whakaaro, ko te raraunga Māori te kaupapa.

Whāki will be an interactive space for presentations, Q&A's, and debates about tikanga in technology, and rangatiratanga in digital domains.

Mā te rongo, ka mohio; Mā te mohio; ka marama; Mā te marama, ka mātau, Mā te mātau ka ora.

April 2024 Whāki Webinar - Māori Algorithmic Sovereignty

About this webinar: This month's Whāki webinar was facilitated by Associate Professor Te Taka Keegan who facilitated a discussion with his fellow Tikanga in Technology hoamahi Paul Brown, Daniel Wilson and Ben Ritchie on their rangahau into removing algorithmic bias in Aotearoa.

maori algorithmic sovereignty video tb

Te Mana Raraunga has more information on the principles of Māori Algorithmic Sovereignty and the team’s latest publication in the Data Science Journal.


Download and view the Māori Algorithmic Sovereignty presentation slides (PDF).

October 2023 Whāki Webinar - Māori Data Sovereignty and Whānau Data

About this webinar: The Whāki webinar brought together Dr Paul Brown, University of Waikato and Kaye-Maree Dunn of Making Everything Achievable and Āhau for a discussion on their approaches to Māori Data Sovereignty and the future for whānau and community data.

maori data sovereignty whanau data

September 2023 Whāki Webinar - e-DNA Exploring Māori Data Governance and Sovereignty

About this wānanga: The Hepetema Whāki webinar was a modified webinar/virtual wānanga on e-DNA. We heard brief presentations from a panel before shared discussions on Māori data governance and sovereignty in the developing research area. of environmental DNA (e-DNA).

The webinar was held on Wednesday 20th September for 2 hours 11am-1pm
View the edited recorded webinar and pātaitai below.

edna data governance

July 2023 Whāki Webinar - Māori Data Sovereignty & Taonga Species

About this webinar: Assoc Prof Maui Hudson moderated a zoom webinar and pātai session on the considerations and developments or working with iwi Māori around research and commercialisation of taonga species data in Aotearoa and tāwāhi with Manu Caddie (Matawai Bio), KatieLee Riddle and Dr Mitchell Head (Te Kotahi Research Institute, University of Waikato).

maori data sovereignty

Te Mana Raraunga Ngahuru Pōtiki Virtual Wānanga - Māori Data Sovereignty & the Research Data Landscape in Aotearoa

About this wānanga: Rogena Sterling, Grace Walker, Nick Jones and Tahu Kukutai from the research team discussed the Aotearoa New Zealand (Research) Data Landscape Review. The review is a project funded by MBIE and run by the Aotearoa New Zeland National Committee on Data in Research (CoDiR). CoDiR is a newly established rōpū which brings together a diverse range of experts, communities and organisations involved in the productions, measurement, collection, storage and use of data in research (https://dir-aotearoa.github.io/). The purpose of the project is to identify the challenges, opportunities, and initiatives which characterise Aotearoa's current an future research data ecosystem.

TMR members considered how a Te Tiriti lens could be practiced over the project and how Māori data sovereignty could be woven through the landscape. What are the opportunities and challenges for Māori in terms of the research landscape?

aotearoa nz research data landscape

April 2023 - Weaving Māori Data Expertise into the Government Data System Design

About this webinar: Data is more than just zeroes and ones; data holds the mauri of people and whakapapa. So how do you design a truly equitable government data system – one that upholds Te Tiriti and meets the needs and aspirations of all in Aotearoa?

weaving maori data expertise

Three of our hoamahi from Nicholson Consulting - Ernestynne Walsh, Ben Ritchie and Shanara Wallace shared their experience working together with Stats NZ to improve the way the government data system works for Māori. The team discussed how they applied their expertise in Māori data sovereignty, decolonising algorithms, analysing data approaches through Te Tiriti, and te reo me ōna tikanga to deliver this piece of mahi.

March 2023 Whāki Webinar - Eco-index and environmental data

About this webinar: He kōrerorero ki ngā kaupapa taiao- An open discussion by Corey Ruha and Catherine Kirby on the Eco-Index approach to environmental wellbeing.

For background on this BioHeritage National Science programme check out www.eco-index.nz. Maui Hudson facilitated a discussion with Catherine and Corey about their mahi with Eco-index on Tuesday 28th March at 1pm

Thanks to our guests for the pātai and whakaaro shared. The recording can be viewed below.

poutu te rangi whaki webinar

January 2023 Whāki Webinar - Indigenous Rights, Benefit Sharing & DSI

About this webinar: Researchers from the Tikanga in Technology MBIE project will be discussing COP-15, indigenous data value and their recent paper on provenance metadata regarding genomics and digital sequence information (DSI). Ngā mihi to KatieLee Riddle, Tim Coltman, Jacob Golan and Maui Hudson for contributing to this kaupapa and making the presentation available.

indigenous rights benefits data sharing

Te Mana Raraunga Kōanga Wānanga 2022 - GIDA

About this wānanga: Te Mana Raraunga welcomed members from the Global Indigenous Data Alliance to the TMR virtual wānanga for kōanga on Tuesday 29th Nōema. Dr Steph Russo Carroll and Maui Hudson presented a set of Indigenous Peoples' Rights in Data for discussion. Natalie Kusabs from the Tikanga in Technology team facilitated questions and the potential application of the data for governance and governance of data rights was discussed as related to the Covid-19 vaccination data in break-out rooms.

temana raraunga

October 2022 Whāki Webinar - Cyber Security Research Programme

About this webinar: Members of the Māori Advisory team from the Cyber Security Research Programme discussed the programmes objectives, challenges for Māori and the path forward. Ngā mihi to Daniel Wilson and Bridget Bell for their insights. More information, further details and links will be added from Graeme Everton and the team.

cybersecurity research programme

September 2022 Whāki Webinar - TK Labels: Transforming Data Infrastructure to Recognise Indigenous Provenance

About this webinar: Associate Professor Maui Hudson and KatieLee Riddle (Te Kotahi Research Institute) and Dr Janette Hamilton-Pearce (Local Contexts Project Lead, Te Kotahi Research Institute) introduced the latest developments and applications of Traditional Knowledge Labels and the Local Contexts Hub with examples of use by researchers in Aotearoa.

whaki webinar hepetema

Te Mana Raraunga Hōtoke Wānanga 2022 - Māori Artificial Intelligence

About this wānanga: Te Mana Raraunga welcomed their members ā-kanohi to the hōtoke wānanga on Tuesday 30th - Wednesday 31st August.  This Wānanga was supported by The TAIAO and Tikanga in Technology projects and facilitated by Te Taka Keegan, University of Waikato.  

Day 1 focused on a workshop on AI from the AI Institute, University of Waikato and a wānanga on decolonising algorithms and the development of an assessment framework.  

Day 2 began with inspiring kōrero on current uses and development of AI for Māori from:

  • Kevin Shedlock, Victoria University Wellington
  • Stephen Fitzherbert and Alan Tan, NIWA
  • Ernestynne Walsh, Nicholson Consulting
  • Puna Walker, FranklyAI
  • Tūreiti Walsh and Western Wilson, Te Hiku Media   MR team member Daniel Wilson hosted and facilitated questions.

The two days were completed with a wānanga on Māori data and digital sovereignty.  Ngā  mihi to Moka Apiti for his contribution to the kōrerorero.

View the Video Series 

July 2022 Whāki Webinar - Significance of Māori Social & Economic Business Data

About this webinar: Associate Professor Jason Mika (Te Kotahi Research Institute), Geraldine Duoba (StatsNZ) and Ernestynne Walsh (Nicholson Consulting) discussed what insights from their mahi (including Tatauranga umanga Māori and Te Matapaeroa) can tell us about Māori and the the economy of Aotearoa. Unfortunately Avril Macfarlane was unable to participate but our thanks to Ernestynne for sharing her whakaaro on this kaupapa.

hongongoi whaki webinar

April 2022 Whāki Webinar - Digital Whenua - Our Image, Our Tikanga.

About this webinar: Digital images of our taonga are increasingly shared and used online. How should we proceed in this environment, what are appropriate tikanga, who is responsible for Māori data sovereignty of our visual taonga? Facilitated by Maui Hudson. Larissa Renfrew and Robert O'Brien share their mahi with digital images in research, NFTs and digital infrastructure.

digital whenua

March 2022 Whāki Webinar - Whitewashing health data is killing Māori

About this webinar: Whitewashing Health Data is Killing Māori - Exploring the implications of poor reporting of Māori health data. Te Taka Keegan (University of Waikato) hosted Dion O'Neale (Te Matatini o te Horapa) and Daniel Wilson (University of Auckland) introducing some of their COVID work and shared their most recent paper on population and vaccination - what does this mean for Māori?

whitewashing health data

Te Mana Raraunga Raumati Virtual Wānanga 2022 - Māori Data Sovereignty and te taiao

About this wānanga: Te Mana Raraunga welcomed their members to their second virtual wānanga on Tuesday, 22nd February. This Wānanga shared some insights relating to data sovereignty and te taiao. The speakers discussed Māori themes around availability, access, and use of environmental data. Their short presentations were followed by pātaitai & discussions in break-out rooms.

TMR team member Maui Hudson hosted and facilitated questions.

Panui Feb 4

January 2022 Whāki Webinar - Principles of Safe Data Use in Practice

About the webinar: In this webinar, Nicholson Consulting shared their insight on applying principles of safe use of data.

The panel discussed their experience, tips and challenges after opening with a karakia and mihi.

principles safe data use

November 2021 Whāki Webinar - The Veracity Lab Project

About the webinar: The Veracity Lab is a new initiative funded by the Science for Technological Innovation National Science Challenge to explore, promote and support a high integrity digital future.

The webinar outlined how Te Tiriti o Waitangi might inform the development of public digital infrastructure. The team invite broader discussion and engagement in the development of their first working paper describing Digital Whenua, Sovereignty and Rights for Aotearoa. Digital Whenua, Sovereignty and Rights for Aotearoa.

veracity lab

October 2021 Te Mana Raraunga Virtual Wānanga - Iwi Affiliation

About this wānanga: Te Mana Raraunga welcomed their members to their first virtual wānanga on Tuesday the 26th of October.

This Wānanga revolved around the relationship between data sovereignty and Iwi affiliation. Guest speakers from Tuhono and DataILG discussed concerns relating to government interest and collection of iwi affiliation, and strategies for how this can be addressed.

TMR team members Andrew Sporle and Lara Greaves hosted and facilitated questions.

The link to this video can be found on the Te Mana Raraunga website.

September 2021 Whāki Webinar - Tikanga in Technology

About the webinar: Tikanga in Technology is a MBIE funded research programme exploring Indigenous approaches to transforming data ecosystems with a particular focus on Indigenous data in governance, Indigenous data in systems, and Indigenous data in AI.

The research team want to understand how tikanga and mātauranga Māori can inform relational responsibilities to data, and identify tools and processes that enable ethical use and generate equitable benefits from Indigenous data.

tikanga technology ra2

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