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Any idea, issue or solution requires creativity and ways of communicating that stand out, have impact, affect people, and contribute to change.

The arts provide creative and practical ways of understanding ourselves, other people and the world around us, conveying and expressing innovative and impactful insights.

Studying Arts, Design and Communication at the University of Waikato is your opportunity to develop competence and practical skills to move confidently from stage and screen, to language and sound, in areas such as modern languages, visual literacy, musical and vocal expression, theatrical and movement composition, sound design and creative writing. In doing so, you will utilise multiple traditional and digital platforms.

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Big Band Jazz Ensemble available at Waikato!

Do you play trumpet, trombone, saxophone, drums, bass, piano or guitar? Or maybe you have an interest in singing Jazz? Do you love to collaborate with other musicians? If so, sign up for our MUSIC122 or MUSIC227 papers.

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