Managing files and folders

Creating a folder

  1. Select the three horizontal bars drop-down menu next to your profile picture on the top-right corner of the page, then select Content and finally Files.
  2. In the Files page, find the Create folder box and enter a name for your folder. Select the Create folder button to create the folder.
  3. Your new folder is now listed in the Home list underneath.

Importing a file

You can import files to your portfolio from the same Files page.

First you have to tick the copyright box, and give the appropriate license information below.

To import your files, you can either select the Choose Files button to browse your computer and select your files, or you can select them from the folder of your computer they are located and drop them in the Drop files here to upload area.


  • Your maximum file upload size is set at 50MB. For files larger than this, create a link to the file (e.g. on Google Drive or YouTube).
  • Your total storage space on Mahara is 1GB.

Moving files into folders

Move the mouse pointer over the file icon. It will change into a cross hair.

Drag and drop the file icon into the folder you wish to put it into. Select the folder's name to check what files are in that folder.

Note: Selecting the name of the file will open the file, not move it

Deleting a file or a folder

Select the dustbin button to the right of the file name in the Home list. A pop-up message will appear asking you to confirm the deletion.