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Hamilton Campus Map

The Hamilton campus is located in the Hillcrest suburb and accessible from Knighton, Hillcrest and Silverdale roads.

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About room numbers

Rooms at Waikato University are referenced by building letter or code, floor number and then room number. 


For example, S.1.17 means:
S = S block
1 = Floor 1
17 = Room number 17


and MSB.3.04 means:
MSB = Management Studies building
3 = Floor 3
04 = Room number 04

Map Downloads

For offline reference, you can download a Full Hamilton Campus Map (PDF, 2MB)


Information on parking and transport options is available from the Transport > Drive to Campus page.


Staff can also access the Te Hononga Floor Plans (staff login required).

Index of Hamilton Campus Buildings


The Tauranga campus map shows the location of facilities across the Tauranga campus building's five floors at 101-121 Durham Street in Tauranga.

Other University of Waikato locations in Tauranga include:

  • The Adams Centre at 52 Miro St, Mount Maunganui
  • The Coastal Marine Field Station, 58 Cross Road, Sulphur Point, Tauranga
  • The Selwyn Street Studios, Selwyn Street, Tauranga