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Explore impactful research at University of Waikato tackling global challenges. From business to climate, our brightest minds drive sustainable innovation.


Connecting our brightest minds to the world’s toughest challenges

Committed to sustainable innovation, our research at the University of Waikato fuels business, environmental, and global societal support.

With eight institutes and numerous centers, we strive to generate breakthrough knowledge.

The University of Waikato Connecting our brightest minds to the worlds toughest challenges
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Business research

Waikato Management School works with research centres to deliver a wealth of knowledge in areas ranging from economic impact analysis, strategy and leadership, to marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Professor Bruce Clarkson and urban ecology

Learn how our research is bringing indigenous nature back into New Zealand cities and suburbs.

Professor Bruce Clarkson leads a multidisciplinary, collaborative project - People, Cities and Nature - impacting biodiversity and communities.


What is Earth's temperature tipping point?

Research by the University of Waikato and Northern Arizona University indicates that Earth's plant-based carbon absorption may halve within two decades due to rising temperatures, posing significant implications for our planet's climate.


Understanding our environment like never before

TAIAO, a $13 million, seven-year data science initiative funded by MBIE, aims to enhance environmental data science. Focused on New Zealand, it pioneers machine learning methods for real-time processing of large time series and data streams.

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A circular economy for Aotearoa

Āmiomio Aotearoa: Merging Mātauranga Māori and western science, it pioneers a regenerative economic model, breaking from the linear extract-produce-use-dispose norm. Emphasizing cycling to preserve peak value, it promotes sustainability.