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The University of Waikato is one of New Zealand's major research organisations, playing a key role in the economy and making a significant contribution to the international innovation system.

Women’s surfing riding wave towards gender equity

The World Surfing League recently became the first US-based global sporting league to offer equal pay to male and female competitors, so what are the implications?

Early detection of lung cancer

Dogs' sensitive noses may be the key to early detection of lung cancer, using breath ad saliva samples.

Hacking your holiday

Dr Joe Burton looks at how cyber criminals are increasingly targeting the tourism market.

Children's picture books disrupting language hierarchies

Dr Nicola Daly explores how te reo Māori is represented and argues that the way languages are displayed in bilingual picturebooks can disrupt the status quo.

Dead as the Moa

Oral traditions show that early Māori recognised extinction.

  • Can an app make the experience of pregnancy easier? (5 December 2018)

    Waikato researchers believe they have created an app that can make a real difference for pregnant women, their partners and families.

  • Uniting new science and traditional Māori knowledge (5 December 2018)

    A major Marsden Fund project will combine cutting edge science with Mātauranga Māori to reveal the secrets of pā across the Waikato.

  • The unexplored frontier beneath our feet (29 November 2018)

    In just a few cubic centimetres of soil you will find a complex web of life: predators and prey, destroyers and creators, who are helping to feed life itself.

  • Through the lens of isotopes (27 November 2018)

    Dr Adam Hartland is planning to establish what the environmental impact of the heavy metal cadmium is on New Zealand’s agricultural and aquatic systems.

  • The Melanesian Fire (23 November 2018)

    A form of evangelical Christianity swept through the parts of the Pacific like wildfire, and a Waikato researcher is about to chart its course for the first time.

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Early Years Research

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Research Degrees

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