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The University of Waikato is one of New Zealand's major research organisations, playing a key role in the economy and making a significant contribution to the international innovation system.

Women’s surfing riding wave towards gender equity

The World Surfing League recently became the first US-based global sporting league to offer equal pay to male and female competitors, so what are the implications?

Australia’s discussion of kava imports reflects lack of cultural understanding

Apo Aporosa looks at the implications of easing restrictions on kava importation for personal use.

How antiquated legal language undermines complainants in cases of sexual assault

Dr Brenda Midson examines one of New Zealand’s most notorious sexual misconduct cases.

How New Zealand’s well-being budget delivers for the environment

Troy Baisden looks at whether the budget is transforming the economy and society towards environmental sustainability.

Establishing fitness to stand trial as the first step in Christchurch attack court process

The first question that will have to be answered before the case against the alleged perpetrator of the Christchurch mosque attacks can proceed is whether he is fit to stand trial.

  • The eyes have it (18 June 2019)

    How do our eyes see in 3D, even when we’re looking at a flat screen? Why does the world appear still when we move our eyes? Professor Perrone has some answers.

  • Taking down the mastermind of bacteria (16 May 2019)

    University of Waikato’s Dr Joanna Hicks is finding a new way to wipe out the sexually transmitted infection gonorrhoea.

  • NASA scholars have liftoff (14 May 2019)

    Two University of Waikato students are off to the US for internships at NASA.

  • A gift for education (12 May 2019)

    After 40 years in education, focusing on gifted students and having two of her own, Ann Easter is finally gaining her PhD.

  • New group advocates for the health of transgender people (9 May 2019)

    Dr Jaimie Veale is one of those spearheading the new Professional Association for Transgender Health Aotearoa.

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Early Years Research

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Research Degrees

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