Creating a collection of pages

Sometimes it may be too crowded and messy to try and fit everything on a single portfolio page. Mahara can make a collection of pages under a single name. To do this it’s best to create all the pages first, even if they only have a title, then add them to a collection.

  1. On your Mahara dashboard, select Create.
  2. On the next page, select + Add.
  3. In the pop-up window, select Collection.
  4. Your next screen will be an editing screen where you can add items to your page.

  5. Fill in the details about the page in the next editing window. Make sure you leave the Page navigation bar set to Yes (it is by default) – this will give you easy navigation between the pages automatically when the collection is saved.

  6. Select the button Next: Edit collection pages at the bottom of the page – this will take you to a list of the pages you have previously created. Drag page names from the Add pages to collection box or tick the check boxes and select the Add pages button to move pages to Pages already in collection

    Note: You can drag page names or use the arrow buttons to re-order pages in the Pages already in collection area.  
  7. Select the Done button. You will automatically be taken back to the Pages and Collections list.

Note: The collection title will be listed in the My portfolios part of your Mahara dashboard. When you go to any of the pages in the collection, you will see next page and previous page buttons which let you navigate easily between the pages in the collection. There is also a drop-down menu which allows you to choose which page to view.