Sharing pages with a secret URL

Secret URL allows you to share your portfolio with people who do not have an ePortfolio account.

  1. Click on the orange Portfolio tab.
  2. Click on the Shared by me menu item.
  3. Choose the Collections or Pages tab depending on which items you wish to give access.
  4. Click on the Secret URL icon alongside the title of the collection or pages you wish to share.
  5. Then click the New secret URL button - this creates a unique URL which can be copied into an email, facebook message or tweet.
  6. To copy the URL, click the Copy button.

  1. To limit the access to a specified date, click the edit button next to the secret URL and specify the date range for access.
  2. After making any of these changes to access dates, click the Save button.

To delete the secret URL and remove access click the Delete button alongside the URL, then click Ok to confirm you wish to delete.