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Group assignment submissions

This setting allows you to set up an assignment where a group assignment only needs to be submitted by one group member. When you grade the submission, the grade will appear next to all group members.

Note: if you are using Turnitin Feedback Studio, only the submitter of the assignment will be able to view the full feedback in Turnitin.

  1. Set up Groups in your Moodle paper to reflect the pairs/groups for the assignment.
  2. Put all the groups in a grouping.
  3. Go to Edit settings in the assignment, then scroll down to the section titled Group submission settings.  
  4. Change the setting Students submit in groups to Yes.
  5. Change the Grouping for student groups to <your grouping name>.
  6. Finally, scroll down and select Save and return to paper or Save and display.

Note: The Group submission settings need to be selected when first setting up the assignment. These options are no longer available once a submission has been made.

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