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Adding and Editing a New Discussion Topic

Once you have set up the forum you can add discussion topics for students to reply to.

1. Find the forum you would like to add a topic to and select it.

2. Select Add a new discussion topic.

3. To add a new discussion you must enter the Subject and Message in the given sections and select Post to forum. However, if you want to release the topic at a specific time or restrict it to specific groups you will need to select the Advanced button.

4. With the advanced options you are able to pin posts and post topics without an editing time delay. You can also restrict who can see the topic through the Group heading as well as display the topic for a restricted time period under Display Period. Once these have been selected and the Subject and Message filled out you can then Post to Forum.

Note: Group settings will only show up if you have enabled groups in the forum itself. To enable this check out our previous page.

5. Once posted you can edit the topic by selecting it and then selecting Edit. It will take you to the screen above.

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