Setting the maximum mark for an assignment

  1. Select Editing settings on the assignment.

  2. Scroll down to Grade.

  3. If you have already entered marks you will need to make a choice about Rescaling existing grades:
    • If set to Yes, the previously entered marks will be rescaled so that the percentage remains the same. E.g. If the mark is 20/100 (20%), changing the maximum grade from 100 to 30 for a will rescale the mark to 6/30 so that the mark is still 20%.
    • If set to No, the previously entered marks will not be rescaled. E.g. For the mark of 20/100 (20%), the mark will stay the same and will now be 20/30 (66.67%).

  4. Change the Maximum grade as required.

  5. Finally, scroll down and Save.