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Time Settings for Meetings

To schedule a standard Zoom session in advance, the host will need to set the time and duration of the meeting.

Note: If using a preset meeting duration, ensure to allocate more time than you will need. The host can end the meeting before the set time if desired.

Additional settings such as setting a 'Recurring' meeting or 'Enable join before host' will result in the meeting times behaving in different ways as are outlined below.

  1. If only the time and duration are set, this means a new session has been created but it will not be activated until the host starts the sessions.
  2. If 'Recurring' is ticked, this means a new session has been created and can be reactivated at any time that the host restarts the session.
  3. If 'Enable join before host' is ticked, this means that the new session will be automatically activated after the selected time. All invited guests will be able join the session once it is activated without the host starting the session.
  4. If  'Recurring' and 'Enable join before host' are both ticked, this means the new session is activated as soon as it is created. All invited guests can join the session at any time after it has been created.

See below on how to find and select these options in both Moodle and the Zoom App.


Zoom App

Moodle and Panopto are unavailable every Thursday 7:00 am – 7:30 am.