HIKO hub

Co-working; but different

HIKO hub stands proudly as a co-working community nestled in the vibrant heart of the University of Waikato's Hamilton Campus. Our modern and dynamic approach to work offers contemporary spaces tailored for small businesses.

Spaces are crafted to encourage shared experiences

The HIKO hub spaces features:

  • Communal kitchen facilities
  • Social spaces
  • Meeting rooms

HIKO hub not only helps in keep costs manageable but also fosters opportunities for diverse connections every single day.

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Collaboration is at the forefront of our design thinking

HIKO hub spaces are intricately linked to the thriving University of Waikato ecosystem: buzzing with bright minds and researchers dedicated to shaping our world.

Enjoy the freedom of flexible lease terms, around-the-clock building access, readily available support, and all operational expenses being conveniently handled. HIKO hub leaves you to concentrate on what truly matters – steering your business towards success.

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Explore HIKO hub shared office spaces to see how they suit your business needs

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