Return of Examination Scripts

A student may apply for a return of his or her marked examination script. Applications can be made here.

An application for the return of an examination script must be submitted to the Director of Student Services no later than 3 months after the date of the examination concerned. Proof of identity and the prescribed fee must accompany this application.

Non-publishable examination papers remain the property of the University. Students are only able to view a non-publishable paper exam script for 10 minutes under supervision. Proof of identity is required and no notes can be taken. This does not incur any charges.

Examination scripts are destroyed by the University after the three-month deadline period has elapsed.

For 2018 A Semester exams, the follow collection dates will apply.  collections will be from the Student Centre, Hamilton or from the Maharia Building, Tauranga:

JULY Collection - on Thurs 19 July 1-5pm or Friday 20 July 9 -1pm.
Your script will be available for both sessions.

Request and payment to be received by Weds 11th July

AUGUST Collection - on Thurs 16 Aug 2-5pm or Fri 17 Aug 9-12.
Your script will be available for both sessions.
Request and payment to be received by Weds 8th August
SEPTEMBER Collection - on Mon 24 Sep 2-5 or Tue 25 Sep 9-12.
Your script will be available for both sessions.
Request and payment to be received by Mon 17th September

TAURANGA Collection will be arranged at similar times/dates to the above and you will be advised accordingly if you select this option. The deadlines above will still apply.

Viewing previous years' examination papers

Print copies of the past year's University of Waikato examination papers are held in the Course Reserves Collection on Level 2 of the Central University Library. A complete set is held in the New Zealand Collection on Level 3. Duplicate sets of law examination papers are held in the Law Library.

Undergraduate examination papers for the last two years are available in electronic form via the library.

Any examination paper will be made available to any Waikato Student on request. Normally the person will be given a copy. If a department has reasonable grounds, concerned with efficient administration and/or the integrity of the assessment process, for wishing to limit access to the paper, the person will be given an opportunity to inspect the paper, rather than being given a copy. Each department maintains and administers a Non-Publishable Examination Archive of old exam papers that belong to that department.

Students may request a time to view Non-Publishable Examination papers. There is a booking schedule and students must present their ID. Students have 15 minutes to view the examination paper. It is a supervised viewing-only arrangement, students are not permitted to take a copy of the paper or take any notes.