Ipu Hapi

Ipu Hapi

Master of Business Administration

Waikato Management School

Ipu Hapi likens the Waikato MBA he is working so hard to achieve to a sacred taonga, like the All Blacks jersey.

“It is a symbol of excellence, hard work, and shows that with effort and sacrifice I can become all that I want to be.”

A process manager at Fonterra in Hamilton, Ipu has always put a high value on education.

“Being part of the Waikato MBA programme is a journey that has opened me up to a world of possibility,” he says. “It has equipped me with the tools and confidence to be able to work through any situation. Now I know where I want to be, and what I want to be doing.”

Married with two boys, Ipu’s entire family is invested in helping him to finish his MBA. “It’s a chance for me to set a good example to my young family around learning, and the value I place on education, as  they’re both starting school now.”

The workload is tough, but grasping concepts is satisfying, he says. “In every class we talk about how these concepts are applied in the workplace, which gives more meaning to what you’re learning. It helps you to identify gaps and find improvements in what you’re currently doing. I also like to share with my staff what we’re learning about.”

Since starting his MBA, Ipu has taken on a lot more challenges at Fonterra. “I’m now involved in advertising campaigns and media, which has greatly increased my exposure to the business.”

His approach to managing people at work has changed as well. “In the past I’ve been worried about being a good leader. Now I look at myself as a person who is always adding new skills to my leadership toolkit. This has led me to try out new things and be willing to learn from my mistakes, so that I’m comfortable in any situation.”

Ipu is full of praise for his lecturers. “I feel I have the best people in the world to guide me through my executive education journey. The classes offer a unique environment where all involved are invested in helping you achieve your goals, and allow you to learn from other people’s experiences. The friendships you make along the way give you a diverse professional network and range of skills to draw on for advice in the future.”

Waikato Management School’s Triple Crown accreditation status sets the business school apart and provided Ipu with assurance that he was getting a high-quality education.

“There have been some outstanding graduates of this programme, and being part the Waikato MBA alumni makes you part of a unique fraternity.”

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