Saul Wells-Lakeland

Sales and Marketing, Reckitt Benckiser

Key Info

  • Master of Business and Management

"After finishing my degree in social sciences, I realised that I wanted to get into corporate business and knew I needed to upskill," says Saul.

"I hadn’t done any management training before, so I saw the one-year Master of Business and Management (MBM) as an opportunity to gain really quick access to a corporate career."

"The MBM has given me a brilliant base on all things management."

Only half-way through the course, Saul secured himself a graduate sales and marketing role at Reckitt Benckiser, a global health products company that sells well-known brands such as Neurofen, Dettol and Gaviscon.

He's now responsible for managing key national accounts, developing promotional plans, merchandising and point-of-sale, and presenting new products, trends, sales forecasts and performance reports.

Saul was impressed with the quality of teaching and content in the MBM course.

"A lot of the papers were based around practical application of skills. I loved that all the assignments were based on the type of things you do in the workplace, rather than just theorising about what you would do."

"When I did my bachelor’s degree, it was mostly looking at theories and hypothesising. But in the MBM it’s very practical because you’re looking at real businesses and applying your learning to the real world using real management practices."

Saul also enjoyed doing a one-month internship at a local company, where he was given a project and acted as a business consultant.

"There’s a lot of learning in class about different cultures, which is excellent if you’re looking to work for an international company. There were people in my class from Mongolia, Malaysia, China, India and other countries, and everyone was really friendly."

"Our lecturers encouraged us to meet together out of class so we could form connections and networks to use later on in life if we wanted to."

"My advice is to take the MBM as if it’s your job, because it’s gearing you up to become an executive manager later in life. There’s rewards for attending the classes, doing the assignments, learning, contributing and managing your team."

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