Regulations for the Degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  1. The Personal Programmes of Study Regulations apply in these regulations.



  1. Candidates for the Degree must have
    1. qualified for the award of a bachelors degree of the University of Waikato with at least a B- grade average across the 300 level papers, or for a qualification considered by the Academic Board to be equivalent, or
    2. demonstrated to the Academic Board that they have adequate training, experience and ability to proceed with the MBA, and
    3. produced sufficient evidence to satisfy the Academic Board of adequate training and experience in the field of management or administration, and
    4. be accepted by the Pro Vice-Chancellor of the Division of Management, who will consult with the Director of the MBA Programme as appropriate, and
    5. be subject to the completion of any qualifying papers or additional work as may be required by the Academic Board, either prior to admission or concurrently.


Requirements for the Degree

  1. Candidates admitted under sections 2(a) or 2(b) of these regulations must gain 180 points at 500 level as prescribed for the MBA programme in the Executive Education Subject Regulations.
  2. Candidates must complete any Assurance of Learning requirements as prescribed by the Waikato Management School.
  3. If a candidate fails a paper, they may be required to undertake additional assessment to improve the grade to a pass on one occasion only. A candidate who fails more than once will not be permitted to proceed with the Degree.


Award of Honours

  1. The Degree may be awarded with Distinction.
  2. Except with the approval of the Academic Board, the award will be calculated on the basis of the grades of the papers passed by the candidate on the first attempt while enrolled for the Degree, including any failed paper.



  1. The Pro Vice-Chancellor of the Division or delegated authority may vary or waive these regulations in individual cases.



1 Candidates who are ineligible to continue with the Degree may be eligible to graduate with a Postgraduate Certificate in Management Studies, if they have completed 60 points towards the MBA, or a Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies if they have completed 120 points towards the MBA.