Te Pūtahi Mātauranga ki te Ao - The Centre for Global Studies in Education explores the educational dimensions of theories of globalisation and distinctive forms of global processes, interconnectivity, and intercultural education and dialogue on the model of open science, open education and open knowledge production. The Centre is hosted by the Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research and it includes, but is not limited to, education policy and governance; global youth cultures and identities; gender, class and ethnic inequalities; education and development; global citizenship; the political economy of knowledge production and management. CGSE scholars have impressive international reputations and wide global networks. CGSE holds conference and symposiums around a broadly conceptualised area of research, publishing books and journals in the field, including the renowned books series Global Studies in Education, Peter Lang Publishers, New York. CGSE is involved in post-graduate education with a Masters level specialisation, Global Studies in Education and PhD studies.

For more information, visit the Centre for Global Studies in Education: Te Pūtahi Mātauranga ki te Ao (CGSE) website.