Student Plan

The Student Plan is a plan for the recruitment of students and for the promotion and delivery of a full University of Waikato experience that encompasses the entire intellectual, cultural, political, social and recreational life that students enjoy while they are enrolled, and that graduates have as Alumni.

Responsibility for the Student Plan rests with the Head of Student and Academic Services Division.

Six-monthly progress reports on the activities and outcomes associated with this Plan will be prepared by the Head of the Student and Academic Services Division in collaboration with those who have individual and collective responsibilities for the actions and delivery of KPIs, and provided to the Academic Board.

Read the full Student Plan 2013-2015.


Goal 1 Ensure that the activities that support the recruitment and retention of students are informed by a sound understanding of the University's current and intended student profile and targets for specific cohorts identified in the University's Plans
Goal 2 Develop an excellent and distinctive Waikato student experience that responds to the needs of our diverse student profile and stakeholders
Goal 3 Build on the University of Waikato student experience to develop and enhance engagement with graduates and to encourage their ongoing support and advocacy for the University and its goals

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