Applied Climate Change

Climate change is the most pressing environmental issue facing humanity.

Te Aka Mātuatua School of Science

We are studying the impacts of climate change on our natural and managed ecosystems, and connecting scientific knowledge with that from other disciplines to ensure we adapt to environmental change.

Below you will find some of our recent research to better understand the impacts and adaptations to climate change, along with the staff who contribute to the Applied Climate Change research theme. Please don't hesitate to get in contact with any of our research staff if you'd like more information or if you think that there might be an opportunity for a new research partnership.

Recent research highlights

Manaaki Whenua-Landcare Research, the University of Waikato, and the United States Department of Agriculture maintain a network of soil-climate stations in Antarctica.

Exploring the role of penguins as vectors for contaminant transfer from the marine to terrestrial environment.

pacific dating

Why are we still unable to refine the chronology of NZ colonisation beyond a three tiered model of time?

Is OSSO responsible for an unknown spectral absorbance in the atmosphere of Venus?

Radiocarbon dating will become more accurate with this new calibration curve.

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Staff contributing to this research theme

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Dr Aaron Wall

Senior Research Officer

Associate Professor Adam Hartland

Associate Professor

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Dr Andrew Barnes

Senior Lecturer

Associate Professor Charles Lee

Co-Director of Environmental Research Institute

Associate Professor Fiona Petchey

Associate Professor

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Dr Hazel Needham

Senior Lecturer

Professor Ian Hawes

Honorary Professor

Professor Joseph Lane

Dean of Te Huataki Waiora School of Health

Associate Professor Joanne Ellis

Associate Professor

Professor Karin Bryan

Dean of Graduate Research

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Dr Kiri Wallace

Research Fellow

Dr Marcus Wilson

Senior Lecturer

Professor Margaret Barbour

Dean of Te Aka Mātuatua - School of Science

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Dr Shari Gallop

Honorary Lecturer

2091700 v2
Dr Tanya O'Neill

Senior Research Fellow

3080113 v3
Dr Terry Isson

Senior Lecturer